• cardboard flash sale

    Google Cardboard Flash Sale

    Compared with the famous virtual reality wearable gadget Oculus Rift, Google cardboard looks like a stumble packing paper at first glance. However, its simplicity makes it become one of the biggest surprises in Google I/O press event. ITEAD released an upgraded Google cardboard recently. Following the original design, we upgrade the cardboard to bring users more comfortable experience in use.


  • mid-autumn festival
  • ITEAD A20
  • Itead Support

    Itead Support System

    To improve user experience and to offer better services, we introduced the support system of Freshdesk. We have run the private beta for some time, and now we want to have the technical support section for public tests.

    You are welcomed to submit your requests for technical support either by sending e-mails or via the portal.

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