ITEAD BT Shield (Slave)

Model: IM120417006
This is a customizable product. Based on the original prototype, we can make the customized prototype that meets your requirements. Know more about our Customizable Project, click here.

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Quick Overview

BT shield (salve) is a HC-06 serial port Bluetooth module breakout board for Arduino, you can directly use the BT shield (salve) with Arduino UART port for Bluetooth communication.
BT Shield (Slave) - Arduino Stackable Bluetooth Shield



The BT Shield integrates a HC-06 Serial Bluetooth module. It can be easily used with Arduino/Iteaduino for transparent wireless serial communication.


  • Iteaduino/Arduino UNO compatible
  • Up to10m communication distance in house without obstacle
  • UART interface (TTL) with programmable baud rate (SPP firmware installed)
  • Default baud rate: 9600, data bits: 8, stop bit: 1, Parity: No parity
  • Default PINCODE:”1234”
  • A full set of configuration commands
  • On board PCB antenna
  • FCC ID certificated


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Technical support

For technical support, please open a ticket on Itead Support System.


Version 2.1
Compatible Mainboard
  • Arduino Deumlanove/UNO
  • Arduino MEGA
  • ChipKit MAX32
  • ChipKit UNO32
  • FEZ Panda II
  • Freeduino
  • Iteadmaple
  • Iteaduino
  • Iteaduino ADK
  • Iteaduino MEGA 2560
  • Simple Cortex
  • Seeeduino
  • Seeduino MEGA
Shield Functions
  • Prototype
  • Wireless
Board Size 54mm x 47mm
Operation Level
  • Digital 3.3V
  • Digital 5V
Stackable No
Model IM120417006
Accessories No
Weight 35.00g



Demo Code



Customer Reviews

excellent value Review by embeddedprogrammer
I use this with arduino and android phone to control large metal cutting saw using 8 relays. It is as fast at responding to buttons as my hardwired controls. Virtually no delay.

it would be nice to have a switch to turn it off however, because I have to remove it to program my arduino via the usb cable. (Posted on 9/28/14)
how to use Review by Michael Doherty
You definitely need a tutorial on how to set this up.
To get into AT command mode, set the switches to "FT323" and "5V"
Plug you shield into an Arduino
Plug the Arduino into your computer via USB
Upload a blank sketch to your Arudino (to make sure it's not transmitting serial message)
Open a serial terminal program (My favorite is CoolTerm for OSX)
Make sure you have the options set to 9600 Baud, data bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1
Open a port to the Arduino (so it would be your USB connection, NOT bluetooth)
You should be able to type "AT" now and see "OK" as a response
The rest you should be able to figure out from the datasheet
Once you've programmed your AT commands, you want to set switch to "To Broad" (This is a typo, should say board) (Posted on 9/4/12)
works great Review by Albert Hernandez
This thing works great right out of the package. Fit right on to my Duemilenove and after I downloaded the sketch I was able to see data on my serial port. I added a to example sketch and I had bidirectional communication. Total set up time, about 7 minutes. I highly recommend this shield for easy bluetooth serial communication. (Posted on 9/4/12)
Takes less then 20 days to arrive. Looks very accurate and functional. (Posted on 8/23/12)

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